Renewable Energy

With a constantly changing environment, and increasing focus on renewable energy, GEMS has equipped itself to provide support to these industries.

Primarily operating survey projects in support of wind farm design and location, GEMS can also provide services for many varied forms of renewable or sustainable energy planning and construction.

Wind farm surveys can call upon a variety of techniques that can be provided by the integrated divisions within the GEMS Nigeria. Combining geophysical, geotechnical and metocean surveys the ideal location for wind farms can be determined.

Metocean studies are key to this specific process insofar that they can discover the optimal orientation for turbines, prime locations and times of year when wind speed is highest.

Due to the company’s integrated nature, we can also survey routes for electricity cables during the course of the project. This creates an all in one solution that minimises effort, reduces the time it takes to complete and has a great benefit towards cost.

A further benefit of GEMS’ nature comes in the design and engineering processes. With highly experienced and professionally qualified engineers at its disposal, we are able to offer consultancy regarding construction of turbines and their foundations.

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