As a company, GEMS has a close history with the dredging industry. The result of this is a fully comprehensive solution to all dredging needs.

The dredging industry is a key element to many services. Maintaining the proper depth of rivers or harbours, for example, is vital to fully functioning trade infrastructure. As such, GEMS offers a full survey and investigatory service to its dredging clients.

From determining the depth of silt build up to establishing its make up, we are prepared on all fronts to survey any area in preparation for dredging. The company’s vessels can be used to conduct on site investigations, and the data can be analysed either on board or ashore. Either way, a swift and efficient service is provided.

By providing innovative technical solutions, GEMS’ aim at delivering sector leading data quality, health and safety, and environmental management whilst simultaneously offering cost benefits to clients. As a result, all dredging operations can be completed quickly following a personally tailored GEMS survey services or investigations

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