Oil & Gas

Our people are experts in providing support to the oil and gas industry. The traditional portfolio of services for the main suppliers of world energy is maintained by GEMS' departments.

Although primarily catered for in geotechnicsand geophysics, the oil and gas industry can also reap significant benefits from metocean & geochemical studie. All these options can be integrated in one complete package.

Services to this market sector typically entail site investigations; discovering the ideal location for installing a new platform or jack-up rig and determining the make-up of the ocean floor. Our fleet can be used to conduct on-site analysis of core sample and general data acquired.

We can provide all manner of technical services, and our engineers can provide valuable input regarding design and construction. Combined with a metocean study, companies operating in the oil and gas markets can be presented with a highly cost-effective solution, often saving them millions of dollars.

GEMS can also provide added support for the mapping of pipeline routes.

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