GGRN can offer specialist geotechnical services including the latest innovative equipment designed for both shelf and also deep water applications

GGRN operates DP2 vessel, MV Ocean Spirit complete with site investigations GMR 300 geotechnical drilling equipment with wireline CPT and on-board laboratory

Available equipment includes 20 ton seabed Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT) systems designed for water depths up to 3000 m and site investigation geotechnical drilling with wireline CPT equipment installed on DP vessels.

A full range of seabed sampling and testing equipment can be offered including seabed CPT, Vibrocoring, Jumbo Large Diameter Piston Corers, Piston/Gravity Corers and Box Coring for a range of water depths.  

GGRN have developed purpose designed Core Control systems and RTLARS safe and efficient corer recovery and deployment launch systems

A full range of laboratory soils analyses and engineering services can also be offered through to final report.

GGRN can offer services in the following sectors:

  • Geotechnical Site Investigations
  • Shallow Seabed Testing and Sampling
  • Specialist 20 ton Seabed CPT and remote drilling for Deep Water Applications
  • Burial Assessment Surveys (BAS) for Submarine Cables and Pipeline Route Surveys