GEMS is a specialist offshore geochemical exploration company and can provide full suite of conventional geochemistry and also have a worldwide relationship with international strategic partners.

GEMS have developed the CC-5000 geochemical core control system to allow high production of cores to be collected safely for geochemical objects.

Macro-seepage and/or micro-seepage surveys can be carried out using combination of AGI and/or conventional testing and analysis.

GEMS can provide specialist DP1 vessels with hydraulic A-frames, CC-5000 core control coring systems for collecting cores in up to 5000 m water depth.

GEMS have developed RTLARS system for safe and efficient recovery and deployment of corer systems.

For macro-seepage surveys, other geophysics systems including deep water multibeam and hull mounted pinger arrays can be used to map ocean floor features such as pockmarks, scarps, surface and subsurface faults and mud volcanoes.

Amplified Geochemical Images LLC has developed and patented the GORE™ Module with its vapour-permeable membrane and proprietary sorbent mix, to enable capture of microseepage signals from interstitial hydrocarbon gases.  This provides far more accurate and detailed analysis and interpretation than other macroseepage detection techniques.